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The Sinners are a unique blues band in Nashville, TN. The sounds of "The
Sinners" are a combination of Texas blues, Chicago blues, and classic rock. This
combination of blues has helped "The Sinners" become one of the top blues bands in the

Dale Hunter is the lead singer and keyboard player for The Sinners. Dale has
been nominated for 9 Music Blues Society awards in the last 3 years, and Dale is a former
Music City Blues Society president. With over 3 decades of playing the blues under his
belt, Dale has spent the last few years playing with Miranda Louise (female blues vocalist
of the year), Marion James (queen of the blues in Nashville), Blues Co-op (band formed by
Warren Haynes of the Allman Brothers), and Chucki Burke (blues drummer of the year).
Originally from Texas, Dale has had the opportunity to play with many of the great "Texas
Blues" players, including Stevie Ray Vaughan, Chris Duarte, Bobby Keys of the Rolling
Stones and others. "The Sinners" are a perfect fit for Dale's "no holds barred" type of

Todd Money is the source of the wailing, driving, and smoking tones. He can
make the most amazing sounds come out of a Les Paul. Todd looks like the classic lean,
curly haired rock star, but he is equally at home with Muddy Waters or Stevie Ray Vaughn.
Chicago born and bred, Todd spent his youth soaking up the sounds and influences of
the rock and blues scene in the Windy City. After honing his craft for years on the road in
the Midwest, Todd finally settled in Nashville. Todd's emotional playing can easily be
detected in every note he wrings out of his guitar.

Gary Zabadal is a master at blending the drum sounds with the rest of the
music. Yes he can thump the skins when needed, but exhibits a good deal of finesse when
subtlety is called for. Gary, also a seasoned road warrior, spent time on the road in the 70's
with The Platters, best known for their hits such as "The Great Pretender". Gary lays
down a beat that cannot be ignored, but is always in support of the music.

Marcus "MAD Dog" Dahl has been playing bass in and around the Nashville
area since age twelve. He found the blues on a trip with his father to Clarksdale, Miss.
This is also where he realized what he wanted to do musically. Play the blues. A simple
solid style with a concentration on great tone is exactly the right blend of rhythimc bottom
needed for the foundation of "The Sinners" It is MAD Dog's bass sound that helps
define "The Sinners".

As a whole, "The Sinners" draw from decades of performance experience.
They've all played with and opened for big name acts and their influences are as varied
and eclectic as their repertoire. If you like the blues with a different twist, then "The
Sinners" are the band for you. If you like a stage show with a high level of energy, then you
don't want to miss "The Sinners".

The year 2002 has been a great year for The Sinners. They were nominated for 6
Music City Blues Society Awards, including Blues Band of the Year. 2003 has proven to be
even better than the year before. The Sinners have been nominated for 7 Music City Blues
Society Bluesey Awards, including Blues Band of the Year, and again in 2004.

Dale Hunter has been nominated three times for Blues Entertainer of the Year,
3 times Blues Vocalist of the Year, and for the 5th year in a row Blues Keyboard Player of
the Year

3 years in a row Todd Money has been nominated Blues Guitar Player of the
Year , and Gary Zabadal has been nominated Blues Drummer of the Year for 3 years in a
row. Marcus Dahl was also nominated 2 years in a row for Blues Bass Player of the Year.

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